For over twenty-five years, James Twyman, also known as The Peace Troubadour, has traveled to countries at war to share the prayers of peace from the 12 major religions of the world which he put to music in 1994. He has been invited by peace organizations and even the leaders of countries to Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa and many other to initiate world synchronized meditations while battles raged around him. Millions of people have participated and miracles often followed. James is also the NY Times bestselling author of eighteen books including The Moses Code and The Barn Dance, has recorded over eighteen albums including the Billboard chart bestseller I Am Wishes Fulfilled with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and has produced or directed seven feature films including the award winning Redwood Highway. James is presently a member of the Community of Francis and Clare and is the founder of Namaste Village, a spiritual communitry in Ajijc, Mexico.

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James Twyman ~ Imagine stepping into a tiny enclosure and emerging seven days later completely AWAKE!

It may sound impossible, but that's the goal of this private, seven-day "enlightenment immersion" retreat led by James Twyman. More than just being a goal, this exciting new technology stimulates a permanent shift in perception that until now was impossible to achieve without the aid of shamanic plant medicines. Imagine being immersed in alternate realities without ingesting any drugs or hallucinogens, combined with expert spiritual guidance, initiating a new way of seeing yourself and all of reality. In other words - WAKING UP!

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