I AM Institute

Are you called to be a Minister of Peace and Soul Manifestation Coach?

Two life-changing programs in one:
1. The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking
2. The Academy of Soul Manifestation

Twelve years ago James Twyman initiated a two-year program called The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. To date over 600 people have been ordained through the program and many of them now have their own spiritual communities and churches. The seminary draws from the peace traditions of the twelve major religions of the world, as well as other sources including A Course In Miracles.

Three years ago James founded The Academy of Soul Manifestation, a two-year program on becoming a Soul Manifestation Coach. Many of them have gone on to form successful coaching practices as well as other ministries.

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Now, for the first time, these two programs have been combined into ONE amazing course called The I AM Institute. The program is a full year of study combined with a year long practicum.

1. During the first year of the program you will receive an email each week with two lessons, each about 30 minutes in length. One lesson will be from the Seminary and the second will be from the Academy. You will also be assigned a Soul Coach to work with throughout the program, and you will participate in weekly conference calls with James where you can interact more directly.

2. During the second year you will be engaged in a practicum of your choice where you will initiate your ministry. This will look different for each student. You will also continue working with your own soul coach, as well as help coach the new class.

Here are a few questions to consider

1) Do you feel a deep desire to build a successful ministry helping others achieve their dreams?
2) Are you committed to the spiritual destiny of humanity which can only be achieved through service and giving?
3) Are you willing to dedicate the next year to unlocking your own soul's longing, then share what you've learned with others?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you may be being called to be a professional "Soul-Manifestor." The next step is to simply say yes, then let your destiny unfold.

A Soul-Movement

We invite you to be at the forefront of a Soul-Movement. We envision hundreds of Soul Coaches and Peace Ministers working throughout the world with individuals and groups in the next few years. Would you like to be one of them? Do you feel called? If so, then the only answer is YES!

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