Academy of Soul Manifestation


The Law of Attraction has gained worldwide attention over the last several years. The LOA is usually defined as the ability to become a magnetizing force, attracting into your life the things you do not already possess which will somehow make your life happier and more fulfilled. Unfortunately this practice has done as much harm as it has good since it is motivated by the ego's need to attract goods, rather the soul's desire to attract goodness. This leads to profound disillusionment since it addresses what the ego does not already possess, while Soul-Manifestation focuses on what is already present within, seeking to amplify it through service and giving.

After two extremely successful classes, we are ready to move into our third year. You will be assigned one or two Soul Coaches who are in their second year of the Academy, as well as two conference calls per week with James. In these conference calls you can ask questions, interact with the other students and go even deeper. We like to keep the classes small and intimate so space is very limited. Apply today.

Are You Ready to Serve?

The ASM is a 2-Year Masters Degree program designed to teach the skills necessary to practice as a "Soul-Manifestation Coach." The first year of study is spent learning the basics of Soul-Manifestation, as well as developing the necessary skills to guide others as a coach. The second year is spent as an intern, working in the field while still receiving regular support and training.

Your Life is Your Message

Imagine being such an effective Soul-Manifestor that your life overflows with goodness as well as goods. You've focused on the soul-qualities which when expressed automatically attract everything you need or require. And because your desire is to share this abundance with others, it is only natural for you to help others achieve the same goal by leading them through a similar process. You've become a Soul-Manifestation Coach.

Here are a few questions to consider

1) Do you feel a deep desire to build a successful business helping others achieve their dreams?
2) Are you committed to the spiritual destiny of humanity which can only be achieved through service and giving?
3) Are you willing to dedicate the next year to unlocking your own soul's longing, then share what you've learned with others?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you may be being called to be a professional "Soul-Manifestor." The next step is to simply say yes, then let your destiny unfold.

A Soul-Movement

We invite you to be at the forefront of a Soul-Movement. We envision hundreds of Soul Coaches working throughout the world with individuals and groups in the next few years. Would you like to be one of them? Do you feel called? If so, then the only answer is YES!

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The Program

Millions of people have come to a critical point in their physical and spiritual evolution - they are ready to step into a new way of living directed by the longing of the soul rather than the demands of the ego, and they need guidance to achieve the goals of this new life. This is where a Soul-Manifestation coach comes in. A Soul-Manifestation coach is someone who has successfully achieved many of their own soul-goals, and they are ready to hold the hand of others who are ready to follow their example. They are less of a teacher, and more of a soul-guide.

How is this different from a traditional life coach? When you're ready to focus on specific life-needs, you need a coach who specializes in that area, just as you wouldn't go to your family doctor if you have an issue with your heart. A life-coach is usually someone who focuses on many areas of one's life, while a Soul-Manifestation coach specializes on helping people attract the spark that will ignite the energy of their soul.


The first year of coursework is divided into several areas:

  • Weekly lessons in the form of live conference calls with James Twyman, the founder of the Academy. During these lessons you'll be able to interact and ask questions in an informal setting with the other students from your class. Classes are recorded in case you are not able to listen to them live, or want to revisit them at a later time.
  • Bi-monthly pod discussion groups. You'll be assigned to a group of five other students and will meet every other week on a conference line to discuss lessons, practice counseling techniques and review materials.
  • Reading assignments and reviews of lessons and material. The first six months is focused on the theory of Soul-Manifestation, while the second half of the first year focuses on the practice of coaching private clients. Lessons reflect the following areas of study:
    • The history of the Law of Attraction
    • Inter-religious and multi-faith perspective
    • "I AM or The Moses Code"
    • Coaching techniques
    • Building a successful practice
  • Twice a month you will have a session with your Soul Coach Mentor, a student who has already gone through the first year, to dive even deeper into the experience and material.

The second year internship

  • During the second year of the program you will begin building your private practice, working regularly with clients who are ready to manifest their soul's longing.
  • During the year you will participate in weekly group lessons where you will learn more techniques, and share experiences from your private sessions.
  • A thesis on Soul Manifestation is due at the end of the program.

Optional Retreat

If the student chooses to bypass the thesis requirement, they can attend a four-day retreat led by James Twyman. During this four day period you will have the chance to dive deeper into the practice and philosophy of Soul Manifestation.


When compared with most other accredited or non-accredited masters degree programs, tuition for the 2-Year Academy of Soul Manifestation is one of the most reasonably priced programs available today. Tuition includes all coursework, private lessons and group activities. It does not include the optional retreat, books or DVD's. We would love to send you more information on the tuition schedule if you feel the call. Please click on the Registration button (above) and our admissions counselor will be in touch.


The new Soul Manifestation class will commence on April 1, 2016. Applications must be submitted by March 20th.


A limited number of partial scholarships are available for the Soul Manifestation program. Scholarships take the form of a discount on the total tuition amount. Applicants for the scholarships will be interviewed by an admissions counselor and a decision will be made before the start of the first class.


If you would like to discuss the program with our admissions counselor to see if it is right for you, please fill out the Registration form (above) and we will call you right away. We would love to welcome you to the program and help you become one of the most powerful Soul Manifestors on the planet.

World Class Instructors

The Academy of Soul Manifestation will by guided by James Twyman, but there will also be a number of instructors for various modules or individual classes, each of whom bring a unique and important element to our program. All our instructors have been trained by James, as well as being professionally trained in a number of modalities.